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Warning: This process is not supported by the manufacturer or supplier of your Gateway.

There is no way of knowing your situation and the process could break your Gateway or reduce its security allowing other people into your network. Anyone following this guide accepts full responsibility for the outcomes.

Where to Start

We conventionally define different firmware Types to make different paths easier to follow. Determine your current firmware version and find out which Type it is by using the Firmware Repository.

Can't find your firmware?

Determining your current version number is not always an easy task, make sure you read the correct one. Very old firmware's from the Homeware 10.x era and older versions are outside the scope of this wiki. Despite the existence of old "unlocking" guides, if newer "rootable" firmware exists for such gateways, they can be upgraded following the same steps as Type ???. Also, consider any other newer not yet listed firmware’s as Type ???.

If your gateway firmware is:

  • Type 1 is not directly rootable so load Type 2 then root other bank containing Type 1

  • Type 2 directly rootable

  • Type 3 has more complicated process to load Type 2

  • Type ??? is unknown

    • Try the same as for Type 2, follow Type 3 steps otherwise

See the README for more info about what are Types.

If in doubt, you may need to ask for help on your local community forum threads: AU @, IT @