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Replacing Type 3 Firmwares

Replacing a Type 3 firmware with a Type 2 one that can be directly rooted, is not so easy as for a Type 1. Two essential points you need to get:

  • There has to exist at least one Type 2 firmware for your board available as RBI to replace with
  • Assuming the previous point is true, replacing your Type 3 firmware is always possible

Phase 1: uploading firmware replacement

Head to Firmware Repository and get a copy of a Type 2 image of your choice. Use BOOTP flashing to load that Type 2 firmware into your device bank_1. Two things can happen:

  • Case A: the firmware you uploaded boots up. Your bank_1 was active already. You're almost done. You may experience some issues with webui errors or invalid credentials: resetting by RTFD will resolve all of them. You can now start reading Rooting Type 2 guide.
  • Case B: after reboot you still see your Type 3 firmware in place. Your bank_1 is not active. This is the unlucky case. Continue reading to discover how to sort out this uncomfortable situation.

Phase 2: booting from bank_1

When you upload a firmware image with BOOTP via TFTP, it is always flashed into bank_1. If the active bank is bank_2 instead, you won't automatically see your device booting the new image you just flashed. Read how to Change booted bank. Once you get in there, just start reading Rooting Type 2 guide.